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Through using this website you declare to agree and authorize exclusively the cookies’ use, regarding to our privacy policy.


“Cookies” are sequences of text data stored in computers/smartphones/tablets when users visit some websites in order to keep and recover information about the use that has been done in the website.


The use of cookies is exclusively to record users’ preferences such language, country, login, customized browser, information about the use of our website, etc.
Recording your preferences we are able to know your computer details in order to offer you a better browse experience. Cookies can help to our website to recognize users as a previous visitor and record its preferences established during its visit, custom home page, identify which section of our website has been visited or keep a report of selections in “shopping cart”.
Furthermore, cookies can be used to obtain information about the use onto our website and calculate the number of visits we have.
Normally websites use cookies to obtain statistic information about its websites. Keep in mind we record data about your visit and account in our website as statistic information, no personal data.


Our website has different types of cookies, there is a list with its definition and purposes bellow. We assure none of them keeps information about your personal data. Some cookies custom your visit, others record your preferences and others only provide us statistic data about our visitors.

cookies policy


Users can custom its browser to accept, or not, cookies sent and also custom its computer in order to get a notification when a server requires to keep a cookie or delete from its computer. Users can find instructions in safety custom settings of its browser.


  • Using Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Privacy > Custom
  • Using Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies
  • Using Google Chrome: Custom > Privacy
  • Using Safari: Preferences > Security

Users can follow instructions in “Help section” that can be founded in the toolbar browser in almost web browsers to change settings, nevertheless, some characteristics of our online services may not work o may be more complicated to access if user refuse all cookies.

Many browsers allow to active a private mode which deletes all cookies when the visit is finished.
Depends on each browser, this private mode may have different names, you can find a list with common browsers and different names of this “private mode”:

– Internet Explorer 8 and higher versions: InPrivate
– FireFox 3.5 and higher versions: Private Browsing
– Google Chrome 10 and higher versions: Incognito
– Safari 2 and higher versions: Private Browsing
– Opera 10.5 and higher versions: Private Browsing

Please, read carefully your help section browser to get to know more about how to active the “private mode”. You may continue visiting our website although your browser is in “private mode”, however, the user experience can be not optimal and some utilities may not work perfectly.